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Web Guru Africa is an elite and highly specialised digital agency that only takes on a handful of clientele, curating digital properties on an ongoing basis to build brand and generate leads

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Website design and development is the heart and soul of Web Guru Africa. We are passionate about using our extensive experience to materialise your vision of your company’s online presence through your website. 

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Pakalolo Cafe and Bar //

Super fun project, greatest bar in Cape Town to watch the sunset over table mountain (7th Natural Wonder of the World)


Sam's Aquarium //

Biggest aquarium shop in the entire beautiful Cape of Africa

Red Rabbit // Conceptual Logo Design

Very high end interior decor company. Based in Sandton JHB

WebGuruAfrica // Logo Design

Yes we designed our own logo. We love it  : )

e m e n u // Conceptual Logo Design

Will let this one speak for itself, beautiful color and aesthetics

Sams Aquarium // 3D Logo Design

This one had to POP. Client loves it

All About Mathematics UK // Conceptual Logo Design

Will let this one speak for itself, beautiful color and aesthetics

We’ve got you covered

Brand Design & Strategy

It is a lot more cost effective to market to and maintain current customers than to acquire new customers. In the digital marketing arena, your website is the focus of your entire digital marketing strategy but it is important to not bombard your clients with commercial messages only. 

Social Media

Using Social Media to gain increased website traffic or attention can be exceptionally valuable for your company. This type of marketing is all about users creating and sharing content with their networks



We will guide you in the website content creation process in order to ensure that your website displays as high as possible on search results relating to your business. We will also assist or advise you on best practices to maintain and even improve your website’s search engine ranking.


The biggest advantage in today’s digital marketing age is the fact that every last detail is measurable but you cannot access any of the data if it is not recorded.



Making digital easy!

Not sure where to start or why to start? We will come to you for a company digital assessment and  point you in the right direction. Even if it’s not our direction : )

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